National History Day Reflection

  For this year's National History Day our group did a website on Alexander Hamilton. The topic of Alexander Hamilton was chosen for the theme "Taking a Stand In History." With the topic chosen, we decided to do a website for our category. To make this website we used a program called Weebly.
  The week after National History Day we got the scoring from the judges on our project. They said that overall our website was pretty good but it could relate to the theme a little more. I feel like in our actual interview we did a fairly decent job at explaining how Alexander Hamilton related to this year's theme, but we could have done a little more to relate the topic to the theme in our written sections. So, yes, I somewhat agree with the judges.
          I think that the most interesting thing I learned in my research would have to be how much Alexander Hamilton did in the little time he was alive. He created a bank, fought in a war, created a newspaper etc. I just found it very interesting how it takes some people their whole lifetime to do something that impacts so many people and Alexander did it in a short 49 years.
          I don't know about my partners, but for me, I would have to say that time management was the hardest part of this project. You constantly had to be on top of making sure someone in the group was doing something and you also had to find time on the weekends or after/before school to make sure you reach deadlines. Sometimes class time was enough, but most of the work was really done outside of school. I did learn a lot about managing time from this though. I learned that you need to make sure you put the stuff that is most important and closer to the deadline first. Even if you really do not want to do it. I also learned that you need to do extra work and take that extra time outside of school if you want to have the least amount of stress possible.
          I improved in many things during the process of this project. Like I said in the paragraph before, I learned a ton about time management and how important it really is. This helped me improve on how well and how efficiently I finished homework or a project. I also improved my researching skills. I learned a lot about organization and it has helped me improve the way I gather information to make it easier to make a project.
          I would say when it comes to this project, I am most proud of how nicely our website came out at the end even though we had never used the program before. No one in our group had ever used Weebly before and we all learned how to use it at the same time. Instead of crashing and burning we communicated and learned how to use it to create an awesome website. I am also proud of how well our group worked together. We had our days where we were frustrated or had our moments of procrastination, but we also had some pretty good days of work that brought us closer.
          I would say to future students, do not take this project lightly. What I mean by this is just take it to heart. It is an extremely long and interesting project, but in the end, it is so fulfilling and you learn a lot about yourself and how you learn. You learn a lot more about how you work as a student and it just helps you improve as a student. To improve the project I would just show a couple of examples of past students projects just so the students know what they can do and what their options are.


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