Images of Greatness Reflection

For about a month our goal class has been working on our Images of Greatness Unit. For this unit, I chose to do Lewis Wickes Hine. The reason I chose to do Lewis Wickes Hine as my image of greatness was because he saved many lives. Thanks to his efforts, child labor in the United States was cut down by almost fifty percent. I admire Lewis Wickes Hine because he was so selfless. Hine saw a problem and decided to use his talents to create a solution. Even if it meant getting into some trouble; Lewis Wickes Hine did what he could to save the lives of those children.
          In this unit, we had to create many things. We created an essay, a timeline, a bio-riddle, a costume, a food that relates to the image of greatness, and a display board. The part of this unit that I am most proud of would probably have to be the essay. I felt like I did a pretty snazzy job on it. It was fun to write and it allowed me to really think about why I thought Lewis was an image of greatness to m…

National History Day Reflection

For this year's National History Day our group did a website on Alexander Hamilton. The topic of Alexander Hamilton was chosen for the theme "Taking a Stand In History." With the topic chosen, we decided to do a website for our category. To make this website we used a program called Weebly.
The week after National History Day we got the scoring from the judges on our project. They said that overall our website was pretty good but it could relate to the theme a little more. I feel like in our actual interview we did a fairly decent job at explaining how Alexander Hamilton related to this year's theme, but we could have done a little more to relate the topic to the theme in our written sections. So, yes, I somewhat agree with the judges.
          I think that the most interesting thing I learned in my research would have to be how much Alexander Hamilton did in the little time he was alive. He created a bank, fought in a war, created a newspaper etc. I just found it ver…

Independent Project Reflection

My project was on the Salem Witch Trials. For my project I decided to do a Prezi. What I liked most about my project would probably have to be the way I set up the slides for the Prezi. What I liked about my project was that I really thought that the way I set up the slides let the project flow really well. There wasn't too much confusion in why I had it the way I had it. It also let me really talk more to the audience rather that always looking up at the board and seeing what it said.
I think the hardest part about this project for me at least was keeping up with the deadlines. At the end of the project I was still finding more and more notes to make my project better and it made me worry a lot. The deadline would also make me set deadlines for myself and sometimes I wouldn't make them so it would freak me out. During this project I learned a lot about how you should present. I also learned a lot about an important chunk of history in a fun kind of way. I think the …

Shakespeare Reflection

We recently just finished a unit on Shakespeare and my feelings about doing the Shakespeare unit from then to now has changed tremendously. When I first heard that we were doing a Shakespeare unit I was not that excited. When I thought about Shakespeare before this unit I thought of an old man who wrote plays that are now old that are hard to read. Now that we have actually dived into his plays I enjoy Shakespeare a lot more then I previously did. I think what made me a have a change of heart was definitely learning what The Taming of the Shrew was about. I really found the storyline very interesting and it sucked me in. I also think the the Shakespeare uncovered movie was very interesting.
          I think the shakespearean insults and death scenes helped me understand Shakespeare a little more than I did. The insults and death scenes definitely made me realize that this writing was very different and it would take some time to get used to saying, or understanding. I think …

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

Its a new school year! That also means that there are a lot of goals that I need to accomplish to make this a great year.

          Academic Goal: For the 2016-17 school year I want to have nothing but straight A's. Every once in a while I think it will be okay to get an A-, but for the most part I want straight A's. Last school year I had almost the same grades, but one quarter I got a B+ and for some reason it destroyed me, so I want my grades to stay where they are at. Another academic goal I want to achieve is to try and always have my homework done and on time, no procrastinating. Last school year I had a really bad problem with procrastinating. It got so bad that I would do my homework and assignments around 9 pm, and I want that to change

          Personal Behavior Goal: This school year I want to always be on task. If I stay on task than I wont have to stress so much about an assignment being do the next day because most likely I will have it done. I also wa…

Mark Twain Unit

For about a week and one month our goal class have been working on a Mark Twain unit. At the end of this unit we got to go on a trip to Hannibal, Missouri to see all sorts of amazing Mark Twain things. We got to do all sorts of things while we were there, such as going to see Mark Twain's (Samuel Clemens) house. In the house there were all sorts of facts to read. After the house we went on a trolley for about an hour to ride around town to better understand some of the things that gave Mark Twain ideas to put into his books. We also went in a museum close to the house that had a whole bunch of facts about Mark Twain and how he came to be Mark Twain. Then finally we got to go into the Mark Twain Cave with a tour as he told us many things about the cave and what in the cave aligned with Tom Sawyer. 
          To me the most educational part of the trip was probably the trolley ride. The reason for this was because we really got to go around town and learn a lot about what Mark Twa…

Mark Twain Project